Welcome! We appreciate the time and effort you have invested to stop by and visit us for a few moments. Thank you for doing so.

We're not naive enough to think that this, or any website, would be enough to convince you to make a decision as personal and important as whom to trust with your family's future. Nothing but a face to face meeting or two, along with perhaps a personal introduction from a close friend or family member, should help you make that decision.

This website is merely a glimpse into who we are and how and why we've been helping people through four decades of good times, bad times, uncertainty, fear and exuberance. As you flip through these pages, a few important questions or serious concerns about your future may come to mind. If that's the case, give us a call. Our phone number is 717-569-4004. During that call we'll do our best to answer any questions you have; no charge. If your concerns require more than a phone call (or are more significant than a phone call), or if you're looking for a truly unbiased second opinion, we'll invite you into our office where we can share a cup of coffee and have an honest to goodness, old fashioned, over the backyard fence conversation. 

Naturally, during our visit, you'll have questions for us. Questions like “How have you helped people in the past?”, “Do we have the right blend of investments?”, “How do you get paid?”, “Can I afford to retire?” and “Can I afford to stay retired?”  

Understandably, we'll have questions for you: “What have you tried in the past?”, “What keeps you up at night?”, “Have you tried doing this on your own?”, “What are your top three financial concerns?” and “What are your top three personal concerns?”

Typically, during our conversation one of two things happens. You may be very comfortable with us and our approach to helping people and you'd like to work with us. If that's the case, we'll discuss what the next step should be. (Here's a hint: it's not “get out your checkbook”). On the other hand, you may not be filled with warm and fuzzy feelings and you'd like to move on, and that's ok too. We're not a good fit for everybody. 

Either way, the coffee's on us. Who knows, you may even get a cool coffee mug to take with you!